“I believe my success is due to the great support provided by INT and the staff. They have given me full support. Alway gave me a positive, constructive and empathic attitude, especially in the most difficult moments. I was advised the right work placement preparation. I really want to share with you my positive experiences and I will definitely recommend INT to my friends.”

Shakuntala Devi

“Only because of INT I managed to enter my top choice university with clear and helpful advice.  It is the best and clearest advise if you need assistance being accepted to INT first.”

Anirudh Kumar

“INT is fantastic! Studying abroad has exposed me to various types of cultures and enabled me to become more independent.”

Lillian Smith

“INT has provided me with the platform, essential tools and opportunities to excel and achieve what I have today. It is a journey which sets you out on a new yet rewarding path. Truly a life changing experience.”

Shammi Prasad

“The INT qualification helped me by identifying my strengths and weaknesses. For example, I had a lecturer who told me I was a very practical learner, something that I didn’t realize about myself beforehand. Loved studying with INT college. Highly recommended.”

Noor Ahmed